Locker & Blackhole

This is another CRITICAL step for the success of every project. Project owners need to prove to the community and investors that they’re in for the long term by locking tokens that need to be locked accordingly. Liquidity is a key part of the value of every token and after creating and listing a token on a decentralized exchange, the liquidity tokens need to be locked as well. This boosts the confidence of the community in the project and cancels the risks associated with rug pulls.

Locker serves this purpose without the need for any coding and once tokens are locked in the smart contract, they cannot be withdrawn or even traded and will be released in line with the pre-set schedule chosen by the token owner. This time release is customizable.

Please note, even the Aptools team has no access to tokens locked in the smart contracts.


  • Customizable & easy-to-use

  • Enables projects to gain the community’s trust

Blackhole, also, allows the project team to burn tokens to reduce the total supply of their tokens and bolster holders’ confidence in the token value.

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