Q- What is Aptools?

A- All essential toolkits you need for a successful launch of a Move-powered project token.

Q- Why Aptools?

A- To provide tools and simplify the startup process for projects

Q - What tools does Aptools provide?

A- Currently we have Coin Creator, Locker, Vesting tool, Airdropper, and more in the works

Q — What are token and liquidity Locking?

A — The process of using a smart contract to hold tokens or liquidity tokens for a particular amount of time thereby restricting movement or usage

Q — What is Vesting?

A- Vesting means having ownership of a certain amount of tokens which can be claimed or released at an agreed-upon time

Q — What is Coin Creator?

A — A tool for creating your own tokens without the need for any coding knowledge. Create your own tokens in a few seconds

Q- What is Airdropper?

A — A tool for sending or distributing tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction

Q — Does Aptools have a token?

A — No

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